Health and Safety in the Workplace

Health and Safety

Due to the importance of human resources and the value that this group specially attaches to its forces, with optaining a safety certificate, this company recruted safety and health experts in the beginning of its activity. the experts, while constantly present on the project site, perform the following actions under the supervision of the employer:

A-Holding classes in safety and health for all its emloyees in the company at the poject site.

B-Estimating the amount of personal and public safety and health equipments requierd for the projects and following up their supply.

C-The presence of safety officers along with the executives in the workplace and continuous monitorization of safety points and accident prevention

D- Monitoring the health situation in the workplace and the rest of the employees as well as insuring their nutritional health and persuing the elemination of the possible problems.

E-supervising the medical health examinations of the individuals before entring the workplace and during work.

F-Monitor the performance of the project clinic with the coordination of the employer.